In the Words of Rene Caisse - My Upbringing

The following, written by Rene Caisse, was published posthumously by the Bracebridge Examiner, January, 1979.

"I will try to relate a little about my background, in order that you may know the real me.

My forebears came to this country from France in the 1700's and settled in Quebec at the town of St. Agathe. The Caisse side of the family were from the suburbs of Paris. Their crest was the (Dragon) of which they were very proud.

My mother's forebears were farmers. They settled in Quebec near La Prairie on a farm. In later years, they all moved to Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, where my father met my mother who was a seamstress. Father and Mother fell in love and were married in Peterborough, then they moved to the village of Bracebridge.

Before the railway moved into the district, they came by boat from the end of the railway. They both worked hard, and raised a large family, of which I was one, either girls and three boys. We were brought up in the love and fear of "God". We were taught to love one another, which we did, and do yet.

Mother used to playfully say that she would trade her eight girls for one boy, but we knew how much she loved us, and how proud she was of her family. Father built two stores, one for himself and my older brother, and one for my two older sisters who had become milliners. Father died at the age of sixty.

Mother lived to see her ninetieth birthday. Mother was beloved by all (with all of her large family, she could always find time to lend a helping hand). Her church work earned for her a picture window which stands in her name at St. Joseph's Church, Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada.

Her work for the Red Cross during the World Wars, won her an Honorary Membership in the Red Cross. She was President of the Women's Institute for years, her dear hands were never idle. The Bracebridge Gazette printed this in it's paper on her 90th birthday:

    "To be 90 years old on Saturday; to have raised 11 children, to have 16 grandchildren, 15 great grandchildren and one great, great grandchild, is the distinctive record of Mrs. Friselde Caisse. And there is the loving record: - her children are a credit to her and until the past year, when life has slowed her activities, she has ever been one with them. Not likely that Mrs. Caisse concerned herself with "Equal Rights", she accepted her very "Superior Rights", and now we can congratulate her with this little bit of rhyme tailored for the occasion:

    "How fine to be ninety!
    To look back through the years,
    To see fun, to see frolic,
    To see work, and some tears,
    To look into the future
    Without haste, without fear
    May your days be the sweetest
    Of the "Sweet" of the Years"

There are the kind of people that I belonged to, my home was a happy and a Christian home, where the love and respect of our fellow man meant more to us than riches.

That is why I did not make a charge for "Essiac Treatments", and consequently was not in a position to fight in the courts for my rights. So, when the College of Physicians & Surgeons sent their Police to threaten my many times, with arrest and jail, I gave up the unequal batter, and stopped treating Cancer patients.

Now, like, the late Grandma Moses, I paint pictures, many, many oil paintings to try to forget that which I know I can never forget, that I know the cure for Cancer, that I can never give it to the world that needs it so badly.

Whomever I gave it to, would be subjected to the same kind of Hell that I have subjected to even though I gave it to the greatest scientist, he would be powerless and would be discredited, if he had the courage of his convictions.


Steamer docking at Bracebridge, 1914
Steamer docking at Bracebridge, 1914. It was on such a steamer that the Caisse family arrived in Bracebrige.




Manitoba Street, Bracebridge, circa 1900
Manitoba Street, Bracebridge, circa 1900. Frizelda Caisse stands in the door with her two daughters. The striped poll on the right indicates Joseph Caisse's Barber Shop.




Friselda (Potvin) Caisse
Mother, Friselda (Potvin) Caisse, 1858-1948.




Joseph Caisse
Father, Joseph Caisse, 1855-1916.




Waterwheel at Bracebridge.
Waterwheel with "brace" bridge in the background at Bracebridge.

Cityscape of Bracebridge
Cityscape of Bracebridge


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